Who I Serve

Your life journey requires a plan. If there is one thing you learned raising a family, chaos can take over if you aren’t organized and have some sort of direction.

Who I Serve

Parents who have focused on raising a family, may not have a clear picture or any direction when it comes to their finances. You may have been saving in your employer sponsored plan and may have “tucked” away a few dollars here and there, but your focus has been on raising your family. With the right guidance and a plan, you have an opportunity to chart a successful financial future.

The Journey Building Process: Creating a Path for your Success

Your financial future should not be something you wing. You pursue it the same way you achieved everything with your children: understand what you are trying to work toward, make unemotional decisions, and make a long-term commitment.

I use a specific process that helps identify your goals and a plan on how you can work toward achieving those goals. There isn’t a high-pressure sales pitch, but instead you get a sample of what it would look like to work with me with a complimentary one-page financial plan.

Interested in understanding my approach and getting a glimpse into what it’s like to work with me? Schedule a 15-minute consultation to learn more about how a plan can help you work toward success with your financial journey.

My Journey Building Process includes:

  • Understanding your goals We know everyone has different goals and is at a different starting point. I need to understand where you are starting and where you are going.
  • Review of your financial information To understand your situation, a review of your current picture is required. Developing your financial roadmap requires understanding your information.
  • Recommendations and Next Steps Based on your goals and where you are starting, I develop a plan for what you need to do and where we would focus first. For example, I may recommend strategies to create a “rainy day” fund, protection of your wealth from unexpected risks, and tailoring your portfolio for your goals.
  • Ongoing support I understand that life happens, and your goals may change. I will outline how I will support you going forward.
  • Straightforward Approach I provide you with an approach that you can count on to help you on your financial journey.

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