About Me

Michael Rebischke

Financial Professional

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I was raised with STRONG money values. I can still hear my dad saying, “If it’s not in your checkbook, you don’t spend it.”

I wanted to live by these principles too.

After high school I joined the military, and it was like I forgot EVERYTHING. I had money burning a hole in my pocket and I spent whatever I wanted… and tracked NOTHING! Fast forward to four years later, I STRUGGLED TO BUY GROCERIES in my new college environment. I knew I had to get BACK TO MY ROOTS.

I studied finance, became fascinated with investments and the world of money. And…I DREAMED about becoming a wealth advisor. But a commission-based position WASN’T A RISK I WANTED to take with a new wife and family.

For 30 years I worked as a corporate ACCOUNTANT. But I never let go of MY DREAMS of being a wealth advisor. I honed my planning skills with my own family, and we planned for EVERYTHING.

When my wife and I became EMPTY NESTERS, I sat down to figure out what was next for us. We knew it was “NOW OR NEVER.”

There are no words to describe how it feels to finally get to SHARE MY PASSION with clients, helping them live the lives THEY DREAM ABOUT. We focus on risk management, estate planning, and investments, which gives them confidence for their future. I love seeing their A-HA! moments as they make positive steps towards their dreams.

This is why I do what I do.

Being a wealth advisor is my DREAM COME TRUE, and I promise when we work together, I’ll do whatever it takes to make YOUR DREAMS come true as well.

If you would like to chat about planning for your dreams, please click the "Schedule an Appointment" button to schedule your 15 minute complimentary session. I'd love to help!